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This is a multiband WebSDR receiver on LF, HF and 6m Band, located in Strasbourg JN38un and using a Redpitaya receiver.
More information about the WebSDR project can be found on Many thanks to Peter for his nice tool.
It is operated by RadioClub F4KJI (sysop F4HTB, F6BZG unfortunately SK) and hosted by BATIMA Electronic Company ( ).

Many thanks to :

- F8ZW (Jean-Paul) and F4HLF (Yannick) for hosting the websdr
- F4AVI (Fabrice) and F6IRS (Jean-Claude) for all material supplies
- F6KQV ham radio club for his financial support (purchase of the Redpitaya)
- F4HTB (Olivier) for his extensive Linux knowledge.
- F5RCT for his extensive electronics knowledge.
- VE3NEA (Alex), author of nice ham radio software like Cw Skimmer, which we use to decode CW.
- N5EG (Tom) for his gnu radio hermes toolbox developpement.
- Philipe swl for the 6m converter and Bernard swl for computer parts.
- Pavel Demin for redpitaya developments. We actualy use "SDR receiver compatible with HPSDR" project: Red Pitaya Notes
- WSJTX Team.
- Alsa Linux Team (Clemens Ladisch).
- Redpitaya Team for his support.
- HA7ILM, Retzler András for command line DSP CSDR.


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